Why do we need a maintenance contract?

Maintenance is extremely important for tower bell installations. Many installations date back several decades, even centuries. Any mechanical system needs to be regularly serviced and inspected in order to maintain structural integrity. All too often we find bells that are left alone without much care, or are sometimes left for silent. This can cause serious issues as fixing such problems may require more work and be more expensive than originally expected.

Do you really make your own bells?

Yes, we really make our own bells utilizing traditional molding processes developed centuries ago. We are the only bell foundry in the United States that still uses loam to make our molds. This is a laborious process that requires great care and special knowledge to ensure that the bells are cast properly. We can offer molding in both the Continental fashion (Lost-Wax) as well as the English method depending on specific requirements. Historic and unique profile design is also an option to achieve a specific or historic sound. If you would like to come see the foundry for yourself, a tour of our showroom and facility can be arranged. Call us or send us an email to get started.

We have bells, but are unsure about how to proceed with work. Do you provide inspections?

Absolutely. We often travel for this type of work and find ourselves all over the country as well as abroad. If we happen to be in the area we can arrange for a complimentary visit to make an inspection. If there is a pressing issue that needs to be seen to immediately, we can travel to do a full tower assessment of the installation. We not only provide a complete analysis of the installation, but also a complimentary tonal analysis of the bells to see how they can be valued musically. These reports usually are 20 – 40 pages long. If you decide to proceed with work based off of this inspection, the tower assessment fee is credited toward the balance quoted.

What sets you apart from our current service provider?

In addition to being a legitimate bell foundry that casts our own bells, we also provide service for any and all bell related needs. We are a small company that cares more about creating relationships than treating customers like a bottom line. This work is special and unique, and we believe in doing the job properly. We are not middlemen, we won’t try to sell you on something you do not need. We are Campanologists and Craftspeople who pride ourselves on doing honest work for honest customers. We offer extremely affordable and competitive prices to work within your budget.

Can/Do you make other things besides bells?

You bet we do! Our 11,000-sq/ft facility houses a full welding shop, machine shop, rapid prototyping equipment, digital modeling and CAD facilities, wood shop, and foundry facilities to cast, weld, or build anything your heart desires. If you have a special project that may include bells or other cast metal elements we are happy to discuss how we might be able to help you.

Have more questions?  Send us an email!  We would love to answer.