Our artisans have embellished bells around the world.  Our designs are not only beautiful but unique and delicately crafted.

Each bell is meticulously decorated with our traditional oak-leaf livery along the mulley groove, our company’s insignia stamped along the waist, and the date of the year in which it was cast.  These details are applied in finely molded wax segments to the overall surface of the false-bell (the outer most layer of the model of the future bell to be cast). This establishes the exact shape and finish of the future bell to be made and gives each of our bells a wonderful handmade quality.


The possibilities for decorating bells are nearly limitless; so long as the overall information is kept relatively thin. High relief detailing often will affect the partials of the bell by creating irregular sections along the vertical and horizontal nodes of vibration. Custom decorated or inscribed bells can be arranged for personal schemes for your church or for donors’ names.

It is our pleasure to offer the decorative work of Virginie Bassetti on Sunderlin Bells.

© M. Vincent, used with permission