Chimes and Carillons


The rebirth of traditionally made, harmonically tuned bells in the United States of America.

Our passionate dedication to tradition and craft enables our team to renovate, repair, and maintain an instrument of any size from peals to chimes as well as full concert carillons. No other company can do what we do in the United States. We also have extensive experience in handling heirloom instruments, which require a refined skill set and their own unique attention.


Carillon design continues to evolve and we exist on the forefront of contemporary innovations for better transmission systems, a further understanding into treble design for temperament and overall musicality. Our blend of technology and tradition creates efficient solutions that result in lower costs for you and your tower instrument.


The difference our start to finish knowledge and experience makes can be heard in every ring.

Need structural maintenance and repair?  We are licensed and insured for general tower contracting.