Virginie Bassetti

© M. Vincent, used with permission


6 Route Nationale
50870 LE PARC
+33 6 17 04 76 46

Virginie Bassetti was born July 20th, 1972 in Caen and currently lives in the south of La Manche department in Normandy. She joined a workshop that specializes in experimental plastic arts at a local drawing school in Avranches in 1978 and studied there until 1991. Virginie continued her studies in the School of Fine Arts at Rennes from 1991 to 1994 and it was there that she discovered bronze casting in the metal workshop of Marcel Dinahet.


She then devoted the majority of her work to this medium, working with French metal casters from 1994 to the present day for the creation of her bronze sculptures, three-dimensional low­ relief sculptures, monumental gates, and small-scale bronzes. Virginie is a graduate of the European Academy of Art, Brittany and from the Art and Design School of Le Havre and Rouen.


Virginie is represented by the Ze Art Gallery in Paris and Dinard since 2009 and has work in permanent collections and ongoing exhibitions around the world. Her work has been shown in Brussels, Moscow, Gand, Abu Dhabi.


In addition to her artistic career, Virginie has specialized for the past twenty years in the conception and creation of decorative ornamentation for bells throughout France and the world. A few examples of her work can be found in the following installations:
–    2012 Notre-Dame de Paris (8 bells. 23 tons. Celebration of the cathedral’s 850th anniversary)
–    2010 Montsoreau Church ( 49 bells)
–    2008 Mont St. Michel (One bell for the 1300 anniversary)
–    2007 The Deauville Carillon (12 bells)
–    2007 The Invalid Cathedral
–    2006 St. Pierre sur Dives Abbey Church
–    2005 Coptic Orthodox Church, Villejuif (three bells. Major Triad)
–    Honfleur Carillon
–    St. Pair sur Mer Church


In 2015, the Ministry of Culture and Communication bestowed upon Virginie a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres. This special knighthood was made for Virginie’s contribution and commitment to French campanology and artistic achievement.


Virginie believes that this work allows her to tap into an otherwise overlooked aspect of our classical Western culture and continues to conceive new ideas for engaging viewers, as well as listeners, to her campanological work. She finds the intersection between art, design, theology, and campanology to be a unique center from which she gains personal inspiration and insight.


Beginning in 2016, Virginie now is excited to announce that she will be working exclusively with the B. A. Sunderlin Bellfoundry of Ruther Glen, VA in order to bring her unique set of skills and creative vision to the United States.