Virginie Bassetti

© M. Vincent, used with permission


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Virginie BASSETTI was born in Caen. She is 45 years old and currently lives in the south of La Manche department.

She worked in a workshop specializing in experimental plastic arts in the local drawing school of Avranches until 1991. She studied in the School of Fine Arts in Rennes for 3 years, from 1991 to 1994. In 1992, she discovered smelting during a metal casting in Marcel DINAHET’s metal workshop.

Since 1994, Virginie BASSETTI works with French smelters to create her bronze sculptures, bifacial low-relief sculptures, monumental door-gates, as well as for bronze cuddling toys.

She organizes permanent exhibitions for her sculptures in Ze Art Galerie in Paris and in Dinard since 2009, as well as around the world : in Brussels, Moscow, Gand, Abu Dhabi.

Virginie BASSETTI has specialized for 20 years in the conception and creation of modern ornaments for bells. Some of her works can be viewed in the bell towers of Notre-Dame in Paris, The Invalid Cathedral, Carillon in Deauville, St Pierre sur Dives, Abbey Church, Montsoreau Church, Coptic Orthodox Church of Villejuif , Honfleur Carillon, and St Pair sur Mer Church to name some of the most notable.

Virginie BASSETTI has conceived new modelings for 20 years and has realized her specific implementation of sculptures on bells. She has also undertaken personal researches on the symbolism and aesthetic of the bell, as well as with angelology.

Virginie BASSETTI graduated from the European Academy of Art in Brittany and from ESADHaR (Art and Design school of Le Havre and Rouen).

She was named Knight of the Arts and Letters by the Minister of Culture Fleur PELLERIN, for “her contribution and commitment to our French culture”.